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Design – The Striker screen has been designed for medium to heavy duty scalping, sizing, washing, for use in the mining, quarry and recycling industries. The screen features a two bearing mechanism with a spring loaded counterweight assembly designed to enable easy starting, smooth operation and stopping.

Maintenance when required to be carried out as simply and as quickly as possible in the field. Extra attention is given to the design of the screens vibrating mechanism, with high load carrying capacity roller bearings together and their mounting cartridge can be assembled in a dust free environment and simply fitted to the screen in the field as a complete unit.

The mechanism has been located to give maximum screening efficiency and the amplitude can be easily adjusted thru the addition or subtraction of counter weights, the spring loaded mechanism gives smooth operation and lowers the required starting torque of the screen.

Easy access to the screening medium, and removable by loosening the side clamp plates and removing the screen medium out through either the discharge or feed end of the screen.

Mounting arrangements for the Striker “S” series screen are adjustable with ranges from 15 degrees to 25 degrees, the mounts are an integral part of the screen structure and are set to your required angle at time of manufacture.

• Reduced field maintenance.
• Long bearing life with high quality bearings.
• Spring loaded centrifugal counterweight assembly.
• 25% to 30% lower power requirements.
• High quality surface protection.
• Dust cover options available.
• Suitable for all applications.