Striker 45M

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Radial Stacker Features

Striker 45m radial stacking conveyor have high capacity stockpiling abilities and can be set up on site to produce stockpile capacities in excess of 70,000 cubic meters. They are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Mining standards and international structural standards, with no complicated foundation work.

Conveyor Truss - The conveyor truss consists of heavy-duty lattice structure framework that is structurally engineered to the highest standards. The conveyor is designed to fit inside shipping containers for easy transport to any location around the world.

Conveyor Belt & Related Items – The conveyor belt consists of multiple layers of reinforced nylon ply encased of rubber covers, with the carry side providing the thicker cover for longer wear life. Bolt up type take up rods allow the ability to tension and loosen the belt with the adjusting taking place on the tail pulley shaft located in heavy duty bearings on slide rails. The head and tail pulleys fabricated and machined from nominal pipe according to Striker standards and specifications required and lagged to provide greater traction to the belt. With the choice of electric or hydraulic drive, each are enclosed and weatherproof with transmissions to suit.

Supplied on all Striker conveyors are two belt scrapers which each have easily replaceable rubber blades. One scraper is positioned at the head end of the conveyor scraping the dirty side of the belt while the other is a vee type situated just before the tail pulley preventing spilt material from becoming caught between the belt and tail pulley. The conveyor is fully guarded to mines department regulations.

Idlers – Three roll trough idlers are the main carrying idlers on the conveyor. The number of these is dependent on the length of the conveyor, but otherwise they are equally spaced up the truss (optional adjustable transition idlers are also available). Positioned at the tail, underneath the receival hopper, are impact idlers. These help with absorbing some of the shock taken from loading. On the return side of the belt, suitable sized return steel rolls are strategically placed on the underside of the conveyor and have individual easy replacement properties.

Mobility & Stockpiling Information - Each conveyor has different stockpiling capabilities. Such variations as width, length and material are all factors to the size of a stockpile. Depending on the model, the conveyor is mounted on two swiveling wheels and a pivot at the tail end to give radial stockpiling through an arc of approximately 300 degrees. The main conveyor frame can be raised or lowered with the help of a hydraulic lifting cylinder, allowing the conveyor to alternate stockpiling heights.

Options – For options that are available to the client, refer to the following.

- Radial drive
- Weigh scales
- Tungsten scrapers
- Impact beds
- Dust covers
- Head chutes