Striker SMH2083

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Portable Plant Features

Main Chassis - Main chassis members are constructed from welded beams. These members are engineered to withstand the stresses exerted upon them by both road transport and operation of the plant. The chassis supports all the individual items of the plant and has integral onboard hydraulic stabilising systems for ease of setup on site.

Screen Fines Conveyor - Conveyor consists of a 1500mm (60”) wide 3-ply conveyor belt mounted under the screen to transport the bottom size product, which passes through the screen bottom deck. This conveyor is direct driven by a large capacity motor.

Screen Oversize System - A chute system will be used to achieve several different outcomes of product range. The material passing the top deck and being held on the second deck will discharge onto the side discharge conveyor. Material retained on the top deck will be discharged onto the other side discharge conveyor, and material retained on the bottom deck will be discharged onto the fines conveyor.

Product Side Conveyors - Any material not passing the bottom deck will be diverted onto the side discharge conveyors. Side conveyors consist of a 900mm (35”) wide 3 ply conveyor belts.

Powerpack - The engine is a CAT C7 diesel engine. The power unit is completely enclosed, and lockable. The engine is protected by an on board diagnostic system which stops the engine in the event of low oil pressure or high engine temperature. Engine RPM are displayed on a combined speed / engine hours readout. An 800-litre fuel tank positioned in the chassis.

Screen Box - 20ft x 8ft Triple Deck Vibrating Screen. Bolt in hardox liners are provided in the feed area to protect the screen feed plates from erosion. The screen is isolated on coil springs, supported front and rear. The shaft drive is coupled to a drive motor. Both sides and the back of the screen are accessible by walkways and ladders fitted to the screen support structure.

- Full electric drive for screens & conveyors
- Side discharge product conveyors for multiple screens