Striker SQ1862

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Main Chassis - Main chassis members are constructed from welded beams. These members are engineered to withstand the stresses exerted upon them by both road transport and operation of the plant. The chassis supports all the individual items of the plant and has integral onboard hydraulic stabilising systems for ease of setup on site.

Belt Feeder – The belt feeder is 1200mm wide 4-ply belt. The feeder is positioned beneath the hopper and grizzly. Power is provided to the feeder via a hydraulic motor and gearbox arrangement. The feeder is fitted with head and return scrapers. The feeder belt is variable speed using a flow controller.

Feed Hopper – With nine (9) cubic metre capacity and hydraulic tipping grizzly, this hopper is ideal for achieving maximum production with this plant. The top section of the grizzly is operated via a remote control. Material is loaded from the side of the hopper.

Track Frame - is manufactured from heavy-duty frame steel with 4.1m longitudinal centres along with 500 wide tracks as standard with an overall track width of 3m.

Screen Feed Conveyor - A 1200-mm wide 3-ply conveyor transfers material from the feeder up to the 20 x 7 2-deck screen. The conveyor is fitted standard with guide rollers. The main frame for the conveyor is supported on the chassis and has a folding head section for lowering during transport of the plant.

Forward Product Conveyor - Tail conveyor consists of a 1500mm (60”) wide 3-ply conveyor belt mounted under the screen to stockpile the bottom size product, which passes through the screen bottom deck. This conveyor is direct driven by a large capacity hydraulic motor. The tail conveyor folds and retracts for transport by hydraulic means.

Side Discharge Conveyors - Any material not passing the bottom deck will be diverted onto the side discharge conveyors. Side conveyors consist of a 900mm (36”) wide 3 ply conveyor belts fitted to a heavy duty folding conveyor frame. Side conveyors fold for transport by hydraulic means. Hydraulic drive to conveyor head-drum is provided by direct drive motor and speed control is achieved by a flow control valve mounted in the power unit control panel. Both conveyors are fitted with chevron belts. The side product conveyors stack to a height of 4.5 metres and are 18 metres in total width from head drum to head drum.

Powerpack - The engine is a CAT C4.4 diesel engine 96kW. The power unit is completely enclosed, and lockable. The engine is equipped with the latest electronics and emission technology. Engine diagnostics and readouts are displayed on the Plant Control Screen. An 600-litre fuel tank positioned in the middle of the chassis under the main screen feed conveyor.

Screen Box – 18ft x 6ft Dual Deck Vibrating Screen. The screen is set up to accept either cross-tensioned steel wire meshes or rubber cross tensioned. Bolt in hardox liners are provided in the feed area to protect the screen side plates from erosion. The screen is isolated on coil springs at 20° decline, supported front and rear. The shaft drive is coupled to a hydraulic drive motor. Both sides and the back of the screen are accessible by walkways and ladders fitted to the screen support structure.