Striker HQR907

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Vibrating Grizzly Feeder – Feeding the materials into the Impact Crusher and/or fines chute is a vibrating grizzly feeder including :-

Vibrating Unit - Twin shaft exciter is mounted under the rear of the vibrating feeder. They are driven by a single hydraulic motor and produces a forward linear motion.

Pan - The feeder floor is fitted with Hardox 400 bolted replaceable wear liners. These extend the quality and life of the feeder.

Grizzly Section – The grizzly section is a double step grizzly that is easily removed.

Feed Hopper - The feed hopper is manufactured from Hardox.

Track Frame - The track is manufactured from heavy-duty frame steel having 2.7m longitudinal centres along with 400 wide tracks as a standard with an overall track width of 2.5m.

Forward Product Conveyor – The forward conveyor or main conveyor is a 900mm wide, troughed belt conveyor with a fixed tail section and discharges onto the screen. The belt is driven via a hydraulic drive motor.

Screen - Fitted to the front of the crushing plant is a 6ft x 4ft single deck vibrating screen. The screen is designed to be used for the production of road base materials and can be fitted with a variety of screen mesh sizes. Fitted beneath the screen is a 900mm wide product conveyor. Fitted to the screen discharge is a transfer conveyor, and is driven via a hydraulic motor mounted at the head drum. The conveyor discharges onto the screen to impactor returns transfer conveyor.

Screen To Impactor Transfer Conveyor - 350mm wide troughed belt transfer conveyor. The conveyor is fed from the screen oversize transfer conveyor. Fitted to the full length of the conveyor are skirt panels to eliminate spillage. The conveyor is driven via a hydraulic motor mounted at the head drum.

Side Discharge Conveyor - 500mm wide giving a discharge height of approximately 1.6m. The belt is driven via a hydraulic drive motor. The side discharge dirt conveyor is hydraulic folding. (optional)

Fines Transfer Chute – Fitted beneath the vibrating grizzly is the fines transfer chute. This chute transfers the material passing the grizzly bar setting onto either the forward product conveyor or the side discharge conveyor. Material can also be blended if required.

Magnet – A magnetic cross-belt separator is suspended over the on-plant product conveyor and is complete with permanent magnet and a hydraulic drive.(Optional)

Powerpack - CATERPILLAR model C6.6 engine with electronic governing and emission control powers the plant. Rated at 225 bHP (165 kW) @ 2000 rpm designed to drive the impactor via a transmission.

Crusher - Fitted to the HQR907 is the Striker – HD907 Impact Crusher, incorporate heavy duty open disc style rotors with four blow bars as a standard. Absorbing energy generated by impacting forces is the key to success in crushing large feed sizes. Providing high inertia ensures optimum crushing is achieved. The rotor is supported by bearings mounted in suitable solid housings manufactured from steel blocks with self-purging labyrinth seals.

Hydraulic Impact Arms - Impact plates are identical cast blocks that are interchangeable, thereby permitting optimum utilization. Gap settings between impact arm and rotor are adjusted via hydraulics to allow the product size to be controlled. Hydraulic pressure on the impact arms is pre-set to resist the passage of uncrushed material through the impactor. If overloading, power failure, etc. causes material to exceed the pre-set pressure the impact arms retract in a controlled manner. Following completion of the retraction movement, the arm returns to its set gap position.